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Hey Blogoleptics, I’m Lydia and the last to introduce myself, so take from that what you will.

I’m currently just starting out as a novelist, with the start of a trilogy Below Moons, and the stand alone novels Battlefields: The Implosions and Purple. My current focus is on Battlefields where I’m attempting to upload a new chapter every two weeks on to Tablo. My genre, broadly speaking, is fiction but my style ranges from Young Adult up to Adult fiction, with supernatural or Sci-fi elements.

Like the others, we’re readers, so I definitely don’t have a favourite book but can also definitely recommend a couple. Recently, I’ve been reading The Dispossessed, a political Sci-fi based on American society that’ll just leave you shook for weeks. My go to book growing up though was always Harry Potter and any book by John Green or Rick Riordan is probably worthwhile too.

The goal is to be a successful author but in the mean time I take English Literature and Language A-Levels, wanting to work as an English teacher or newspaper editor.


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