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The Blogolepsy Reading List (#1 – G’s Top Picks)

The Blogolepsy Reading ListYou couldn’t have a writing blog without reading, right? So here are our favourite books for you to find and read and love. You can also find them on a Goodreads shelf here.

The Dardpkest Powers Trilogy by Kelley Armstrong

Filled with sarcasm, action and relateable teenage awkwardness from the onset, The Darkest Powers Trilogy follows the journey of a group of young supernaturals who are put in a group home together, accused of being mentally ill. It’s annoyingly rare that a trilogy maintains quality all the way through, but each of these books are as hilarious and as suspenseful as the last.

Paperweight by Meg Hastonp
One of the most honest and raw books that I have ever read about mental illness. Seventeen year old Stevie is struggling with an eating disorder, and Paperweight follows her struggle to deal with it.

WARNING: While this is an amazing book, proceed with caution. It has the potential to trigger the same feelings in the reader, and so I would not recommend it to somebody already vulnerable.

31176886The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer

A lot of people give Stephenie Meyer a lot of flack about her writing, but actually, she’s written some pretty good books. The Chemist follows an ex-agent/torturer in their escape from their previous employer. It has it all; romance, action, light torture. Everything you want from a bit of light reading.

7509075A Swift Pure Cry by Siobhan Dowd

Written by an incredibly talented author, A Swift Pure Cry follows the tragic story of Shell. Living in Ireland with her newly motherless family, she struggles to cope with her alcoholic father, and take care of her siblings. Like all teenagers, though, she searches for love, finding it in the strangest places.

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