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Milestone Post: Fate

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thumb_5e55f83f-e5ba-4547-a054-f8d738438369In April 2014, while waiting to find out if we had got into our chosen GCSE classes, G had a dream that a boy named Fate Andrews came into assembly. Three years later, and she’s emailing publishers begging them to help her publish Fate. Here’s a spoiler-free interview with Lydia of how she made it:

What would you say Fate is about?

As the name would suggest, Fate is about a boy named Fate who can see a person’s entire future just by looking at them. He is tracked down by a group of people like him, Visionaries, who also have an extra layer of sight. Through them, he stumbles across a group of average teenagers, and chaos kind of ensues from there. I don’t want to give too much away.

Are there any important issues you hope to address in Fate?

The idea came to me at a point where we suddenly had to make all these decisions about our futures, and I spent a lot of my time wishing I could know. Fate kind of explored that feeling, and the reality that we’re better off not knowing. Equally, with mental illness at an all time high among teens, that was an issue that has been very important to me.

Does this mean Fate could be emotionally difficult to read for some readers?

Yes. Some scenes could be triggering to people that have previously struggled with suicide and self harm, but not excessively so. There are few graphic scenes.

OK. Speaking of readers, what age-range would you suggest Fate is suitable for?

Well, I started it when I was fourteen and finished it at seventeen, all the while aiming it towards my friendship group, so it’s largely for teens. From what I understand, though, I also have a fair number of adult readers on Tablo.

Do you have any more plans for Fate and co?

Quite extensive plans, yes. I have started to write a sequel, Death, which is up on Tablo. I’m focusing on other projects at the moment, but I’m definitely not done with the Fate universe yet.


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