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Writing in your underwear… 

Like G said, this is a whole different article…
But, just like being a Plotter or a Pantser, I’m sure we’re all divided on our habits whilst we’re writing, too. Some of us can write best in our pajamas at 4am, or whenever we feel like it; others wake up at 6am and write until 9pm, cancelling appointments and any social activities that clash with a writing day.

Personally, there’s nothing better than time off school. I always work best in my “spiritual” clothes (as described by a Buddhist trying to sell me things), with crackers and cheese at my side. I can spend days in a row typing up chapters in the summer. But, we can’t only write for a couple of days a year…

Go with the flow: Like a Pantser, I used to write when the ideas hit, no rhyme or reason. When you write like this, you can almost guarantee that you’ll make a good chapter, and never miss out on fun with your friends. Nothing feels stagnant and you’re so focused that you can even work on technique, without disrupting the story. But, of course, we all get into bad habits.

Flow with the go: As I mentioned before, these are the sorts of writers with “writing days”. Professional authors are usually this type of writer as they can meet deadlines with time to spare. By writing every day, we can practice our technique on the go and our writing will improve. While using a timetable to be creative may seem unnatural at first, it’s easier to stick to a writing style which will grow into a natural voice.

For those in the middle,  congratulations! While this can be a difficult balance to find, you don’t beat yourself up too much if you miss an impractical deadline. Your writing will take longer without any hard deadlines, but the few you do have are long enough for breathing room if you do get stuck.

By only writing when we feel inspired, you may excuse yourself from it for months with writer’s block. Not only are you not writing, which as writers we love, but we feel guilty that we’re not. By having no structure, we might never finish the novel. Take time out to write, find special foods or clothes that you only have or wear when writing.

The machete-wielding elephant of a writer can charge through books, but still isn’t perfect. The best way to write is through experience, so young writers especially should go out with friends and have a break. Live the life your book characters want to live and your fans will be heartbroken if they fail and triumphant when they succeed.

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