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The Dictionary of Misspelled Words

As those of you following our Instagram will know, we’ve noticed that mistakes are inevitable when you’re writing straight through the night. In fact, sometimes it’s hard to know what you even meant to say in the first place.

We’ve come up with the solution: just give the words their own definitions. It can’t be wrong if it means exactly what you meant….

1. Ciurrencurr

This one’s on me. I tried to write “currently” in my book, which might I add has been published online for nearly four years, and it went horribly wrong. Moral: Learn to edit. Somehow this one managed to fly under the radar for years?

2. Amour

No, this isn’t an extract from a cheesy French romance set in space. This is from Orlious, the book that Lydia is currently editing. Instead of “armour”, the author had written “amour”, creating the most wholesome typo we’ve seen.

3. Mermanently

The worst thing about this is that the rest of the text was in Spanish; what I actually meant was “permanentemente”. However, somewhere along the lines, this morphed into the adverbial form of mermaids.

4. Totally brown

“You need to leave.” She said, totally brown.

Or at least that’s what I wrote. What I meant, nobody knows. Still, the sentiment was there. Although Bu does have brown eyes, so maybe that was it?

5. Fate-shaming

When you’ve written the name “Fate” about a million times, your typing starts to take matters into its own hands. Arguably, many characters fate-shame Fate, and so this was more fitting than my original intention of “fat-shaming”.

You can find the rest of the list on our Instagram or our Dictionary of Misspelled Wordspage.

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