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My Writing Bucket List

With so much uncertainty about how a writing career will pan out, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by how difficult it can seem to achieve anything of note. It can be easy to be so set on one big goal that you miss all the small or even medium victories. When I sat down and thought about it, there’s a lot more to what I want to do than I tell myself.


1. Complete the “100 Books Bucket List” poster

It seems weird to start a bucket list with a link to another bucket list, but this seems a fitting foundation. There are so many ‘definitive’ lists of the greatest books that absolutely must be read before you die, but for me this one has more authority simply because it currently decorates the wall next to my bed.

2. Write an article that gets published

Seperately from all the fiction that I’m currently working on, it would be amazing to have the opportunity to write as myself, not just as a character. Not to mention that it would help me begin to make a name for myself.

3. Get my degree in creative writing

Already one semester through, this is one of the more realistic goals on this list. Not to jinx it. While I recognise that this isn’t essential to be a writer, I’ve already learnt so many valuable things that I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity.

4. Write my first book

As a perfectionist, it’s very difficult to know whether I can tick this off. Technically, I fulfilled the brief of a novel (50,000+ words) when I was 15, but I’ve been editing it on and off since then. In many ways, I won’t feel like I have properly done this until I’ve finished the next one.

5. Publish my first book

Anyone that’s got as far as trying to publish a book will know that it’s a completely different battle than the actual writing part. As it stands, I don’t currently even have an agent, but I’m working on it.

6. Attend Hay Festival

Although I’ve already been to Hay Festival a few times, it was as a kid and it rained every time. I hope to go with more of a writing eye, and also hopefully during nice weather (if such a thing exists in Wales).

7. Figure out which genre I fit best

When I mention that I write, one of the first questions that I’m asked is what genre. The response to this is usually “I have no clue”, which becomes especially problematic when describing my work in essays. While I’m aware that this is quite a fluid concept, and is likely to change throughout my life, it’d be good to have an actual answer to that question.

8. Get an actual writing routine

I’m very good at planning a routine, but not great at sticking to it. I’ve already improved a lot since starting uni, using weekly goals, but being able to write every day (or at least close to it) would be pretty handy.

9. Complete a collection of short stories

I couldn’t even write short stories before university, and now they’re one of my favourite formats. Thanks to set tasks, I already have quite a few written, but I hope to write enough to constitute a collection.

10. Have my own study

The original goal was “have a library like the one from Beauty and the Beast”, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem hugely likely. However, I hope to one day have my own space solely for writing, which will allow me to spread my planning out to my heart’s content without disturbing my boyfriend.

11. Finish something collaborative

As you probably know, I’ve been working on Necrosis with Kit, but true to form, we’ve not had a huge amount of time to continue it. Hopefully one day we’ll finish it, or I’ll be able to work on something like it.

As usual, nothing above is sponsored by or affiliated with any products or brands mentioned.

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