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Two Years Of Blogolepsy!


We’re a little late posting this, but another year has passed and we’ve reached our cotton anniversary. This is the point where we usually update anyone listening on how things are going for us. Yup, you read that right; it’s your annual opportunity to hear from Kit!

We reached 50 followers last month, which was well timed!


It’s been one heck of an eventful year. I passed my A-levels, started my creative writing degree, and now I’m at the end of my first year. I also more than doubled the number of countries that I’ve visited, with a trip to Spain in August and Amsterdam in January. Between moving out of home and tackling the new trials of university work, I’ve not been on here as much as I’d like, but I’m still impressed that it’s still going.

As well as writing for university, I’ve been working on a lot more short stories. I’ve also been (slowly) carrying on with Necrosis with Kit. More recently, I’ve been doing the proofreading for my boyfriend’s blog Monkey King Athletics, which means I’ve learnt a lot more about exercise than I ever wanted to. He has yet to persuade me towards the actual gym, but I have a feeling I’ll eventually be appearing on the ‘training my couch potato girlfriend’ segment that he wants to run.

As you’ll have seen, I also rebooted by ‘Beating the Block with G’ series under a new title, hoping to improve my regular self-care. Alongside this, I’ve been making more of an effort to be mindful of my impact on the planet, which I mentioned recently and will be talking about more soon. I’m planning to branch out on my posts in general – Blogolepsy once served as an escape to talk about writing, but when the work I’m doing is all about writing, I could do with another escape.

My favourite book that I’ve read in this time was probably Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty, which I reviewed here.


Similarly to G, this year has been the most eventful one of my life and probably the best one, too (just without the college part). Moving to university and starting over has given me a lot of time to drop the old expectations I’d been carrying and my mental health has thanked me for it.

Like in writing, I’m a bit of a Pantser when it comes to life, too. I’d always thought that wasn’t allowed at university or when you’re living away from your parents, but it’s working out well so far. Living in a city for the first time has also given me a strong appreciation for always finding new things to do within walking distance!

With more headspace and flexibility in my life, my writing has improved and when I write has become more consistent. While I’m still most inspired to write when I have important coursework to do, (I’m still me after all) I have started scheduling it into my life again. I’ve also started drawing again the same way which I haven’t really been invested in since I was in primary school. Actually doing your hobbies turns out to be really fun.

My changes at uni have inspired me in both story writing and blog posts. One day, I may even write them!

My favourite books this year (because I can’t choose one) have to be the Magnus Chase series by Rick Riordan. For me, it’s the kind of series that can stop me feeling alone and the characters genuinely feel like friends.


Having said that it’s your annual opportunity to hear from Kit, he’s been too busy to update you. Never fear, though, as I (G) have been frequently in contact with him and can confirm that he’s (mostly) alive. His animal management course is going so well that he’ll be joining me at Aberystwyth University in September, studying zoology. Some time before we all die, you’ll even see a post on trans fiction from him.

Thank you to those who have kept up with our blog! We hope to keep bringing you posts for at least another year, but you’ve seen our consistency. As we said last year, don’t hold your breath…

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